About the service

Manual assembly and packaging of goods involves the performance of one or more technological operations manually.
EPS Production offers services for the most diverse types of packaging, namely: stickers, personalization, the formation of promo sets (gift and promotional sets, inserting and pasting products into printed publications), blister packaging, etc.

Quality and speed

Hand assembly and packaging of goods is carried out by experienced professionals who have mastered many different work methods from simple stickers to assembling gift sets with multiple attachments. This gives us the opportunity to perform work in the shortest possible time, while guaranteeing high quality and full compliance with the terms of reference.

  • Stickering – a sticker on the product of one or more stickers with the necessary information (barcode, expiration date, information about the promotion, etc.).
  • Personalization – applying stickers with individual numbers, barcoding. Printing with variable data (personalization) makes it possible to design printed products in such a way that each copy of the circulation has individual data, while the common text and graphic elements remain unchanged. Personalized packaging is usually done for starter packs of mobile operators, wireless Internet access modems, mobile phones, CDs, etc.
  • Creating bases of correspondence when assembling complex kits.
  • The formation of promotional kits includes inserting or pasting various products into printed publications (probes in magazines, inserting leaflets, etc.) and is carried out using specialized equipment that allows you to do the job accurately and quickly. A special glue is used, which, after the consumer unsticks the probe, does not leave a sticky layer either on the probe itself or on the magazine page.
  • Assembling gift sets is the most painstaking type of work. As a rule, the assembly of gift sets is accompanied by a number of additional works on stickering, applying the date of manufacture and expiration date, sealing (sticking transparent plastic seals) on the sets, as well as logistics operations to select products with the closest expiration dates.
  • Coiling of promotional sets – completing a set by attaching a gift unit to the main product with a circular sticker or adhesive tape with the necessary advertising information and a barcode. Also, when performing this work, additional gluing of goods together or stickering is possible (for example, sticking an old barcode with a dummy sticker or a sticker with a new barcode).

In addition, at the request of the customer, heat shrinkage can be performed: the sets are packed in a heat-shrink film or PVC sleeve, which provides an additional degree of protection of the product from premature opening and external factors.

EPS Production specialists will confidently handle the assembly and packaging of kits, even with a complex design solution!