One of the activities of our company is single-piece packaging of goods in shrink film (sleeve, half-sleeve).

The brand’s fully automatic shrink line can pack up to 50,000 items per shift with excellent quality, and is also easily adaptable to any customer requirements. So, for example, using this equipment, any product can be packed in a marking film with the customer’s logo, which subsequently helps the end buyer to more easily identify this product.

It should be noted that the protective properties of thermal film are much higher than those of many other types of packaging (for example, cardboard packaging, easily absorbing moisture, gets wet and loses its shape). Thus, products packed in shrink film and protected from environmental influences retain their integrity and properties longer.

The packaging made of shrink film is transparent, which allows the buyer to see the product sealed in it, and its snug fit reliably protects the product from opening and substitution.

Having a number of advantages compared to other packaging materials, this type of packaging fully meets all the requirements of international trade quality standards and is widely used in various industries: thermal packaging is used to create additional protection for goods, to combine different products in one block, to pack promotional samples etc.