One of the main activities of EPS Production is the production of recharge vouchers for mobile operators, as well as the production and personalization of plastic and cardboard scratch cards for promotional and loyalty programs.

Scratch card (from the English “scratch” – to scratch) – a card made of cardboard or plastic, with an applied opaque erasable strip, under which is placed confidential information (personalization: password, PIN-code, digital key, code word, drawing, etc.) etc.). In order to access this information, you must erase the scratch strip.
Scratch cards are a convenient means of payment for goods and services purchased via the Internet, as well as communication services (IP telephony, mobile communications).
The popularity of scratch cards is due to the possibility of their use in a wide variety of areas: mobile communications, bonus and discount programs, IP telephony services, Internet (dial-up access), means of payment for Internet projects, parking tickets, lottery tickets, insurance, etc. .P.
The balanced capacity of the EPS Production line is up to 10 million cards per month.

Production and packaging of scratch cards is carried out on two technological lines using such technologies for applying a protective coating (scratch panels) as: hot stamping and scratch stickers.

Hot stamping is the most common method for applying a scratch panel. When using this method, the confidential information of the card is maximally protected from its unauthorized use. Since the embossing material is applied directly to the surface of the card, the scratch panel cannot be discreetly separated from the card. When hot stamping, there are no restrictions on the shape, size and location of the scratch panel on the card.
The scratch-off sticker (labeling) consists of two layers: the base of the sticker is a transparent self-adhesive film, on which there are two serifs, which serve as protection against reuse of the sticker; an erasable layer (scratch layer) is applied over the base. Stickers can be of different sizes and have a different pattern of the applied scratch layer.

Personalization – printing unique information on each product. To personalize a scratch card, the following are used: a barcode with a unique number, PIN-code, alphanumeric password or code, number, drawing or pictogram.
Using in its work modern equipment of world manufacturers and only the best materials from trusted suppliers, the EPS Production team is always ready to take into account any client’s requirements for the quality and design of products, as well as guarantee the maximum efficiency of work.